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M / Y Axioma was built by Dunya Yachts in Tuzla, Istanbul in 2013. Axioma is ready to rent in the Mediterranean throughout the year. Axioma in the Caribbean in the winter, 12 distinguished guests in 6 huge government rooms and 20 professional team members are happy to serve you. US companies and Dutch companies Heinen & Air Conditioning, hydraulic moving parts, noise and vibration control, German Piening company for Hopeller, and interiors, providing suppliers and subcontractors, paints, engines and generators, stabilizers and navigation equipment contributing to the creation of this majestic ship Hopman, Rondal and Van Cappellen covering the Austrian company list for fine furniture. Axioma constantly shows the attention to the shipyard's details and attention to professionalism. The gym, spa and steam room are positioned on the bridge deck to provide guests with a more attractive, panoramic area of ​​natural light. The interiors are dedicated to the highest level of comfort, creating spaces with a simple and elegant atmosphere that emphasizes the rational, practical functionality of the furniture and the sophisticated aesthetic luxury of decoration. Calm, neutral tinted fabrics dominate, lit by a few vivid tints, and vivid colors that complement the selected varieties of wood in warm and relaxing tones. These simple materials are arranged side by side with materials that have more specific features, such as crackling lacquer, parchment and bronze, all of which are used for special furniture designed exclusively for Red Square / Axioma by Alberto Pinto and other contemporary designers. An elegant selection of fine china, an elite silver service, finely finished decorative objects and a collection of contemporary art has been skillfully collected to complement the decoration. Together with the materials and lighting, these elements of the composition contribute to making the yacht a welcoming family home by the sea.

General Info

  • Price
  • € 490,000
  • Year of building
  • People
  • 12
  • 72
  • BEAM
  • 12.20

Engine Info

  • 2 x 3 - 150 Bhp / 35100 Dita / 1800 Rpm
  • 17 Knots
  • 14 knots

Technical Info

  • 68510